Passenger Elevator

“Famous” brand in elevator industry

Shandong FUJIZY passenger elevator applies design concept of FUJIZY motor. It widely applies the leading industrial tech. It is backed with the perfect product quality. It is extensively applicable for multiple operational plans of modern buildings. It provides you with the most ideal vertical transport tool.


Energy saving

Shandong FUJIZY Elevator combines with multiple energy-saving options. Through detailed analysis to various energy consumptions of the elevator, it formulates a full set of the effective and scientific energy-saving plans.

LED car lighting system

Car lighting shares about 40% in whole electricity amount of the elevator. It applies LED lighting system. Power consumption is only half of that of ordinary fluorescent lamp, 1/8 of that of ordinary filament lamp. LED lighting has the advantages such as quick start, long life (over 30,000 hours) etc.

Quiet smooth running

Shandong FUJIZY Elevator provides you with unique and comfortable mute enjoyment.Traction machine applies high quality bearing and mute brake. It uses magneto-conductive rare earth NdFeB material which can form stable and strong magnetic field with high density. It is effective, peaceful and comfortable with smooth travel and low consumption.

gearless traction machine

Shandong FUJIZY Elevator applies latest generation of permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine so that the elevator can fulfill energy-saving objective since start of drive system. It can save about 35% of electric energy.

Energy feedback system

It converts potential energy in heavy-load down-motion or light-load up-motion of the elevator into highly pure electric energy. It supplies other power equipments. It sets down heavy burden of electric grid, keeps normal temperature of machine room, prolongs the elevator life, reduces over 20% of energy consumption.

Advanced Intelligent

Control system applies the world’s advanced 32-digit large-scale integrated circuit computer technology with quick calculation speed, high precision, superior performance, strong anti-interference.


Provide more free space

Machine room has same size as that of the well. Its machine room is only half of ordinary one. (It is calculated by machine room of single elevator.) It is greatly convenient for the construction layout. It effectively enhances utilization rate of the building area of the construction. It provides the clients with more and more free and available spaces.

Saves building costs

It only requires 2800mm of machine room height. It reduces over 20% of height than that of ordinary machine room. It saves the building cost.

Developing trend of the elevator industry

It is backed with the advantages of FUJIZY motor in energy consumption and space solution plan. Host of Shandong FUJIZY small machine room elevator applies permanent magnet principle. It does not consume heat energy in drive process. It is energy-saving and environment protection. It needs no oiling and maintenance. Machine room is the same as the well. It is developing trend of elevator industry in future.


New elevator installation

Machine room-less design opens brand-new angle of vision for modern building. The designer needs no preset of machine room in architectural design. Therefore the building top requires no machine room. It gives a full play of inspiration of the architectural designers. Your building reveals itself in modern city.

Replacing old elevator

As the top needs no machine room, you can put the originally old machine room into other use. After Shandong FUJIZY machine room-less elevator is installed, it can serve top floor or attic of the building. Meanwhile it is convenient for both the passengers and the builders.

Special building

Because some historic buildings or antique architectures have special appearance and high requirements of roof, the elevator problems must be solved within the effective height. Shandong FUJIZY inorganic room elevator can meet the needs of such buildings without destroying their national character or exotic nature.