Hospital Elevator


Aseptic car design

It comprehensively applies UV sterilization device and anion device to improve air qualityin the car. It is sterilizing, more beneficial for the patients’ health. It prevents from cross一infection. Stainless steel plate in the car applies anti-fingerprint craft. Resists pollution and easy to clean.

Double Active security protection

System positively protects door zones and none door zones. Door opening in monitored door zone eliminates sliding accidents etc. When the elevator is in none door zone, system device tightly locks the car door. It avoids the foolish action of the passengers’forcibly opening the door. It effectively protects the passengers’safety.

Emergency Run mode

As long as “emergency rescue” button is pressed, it immediately enters into “emergency running mode”.Under such mode, the elevator directly reaches destination floor. It does not accept any calling requirements. It makes full use of every minute to rescue human lives.

No electromagnetic radiation

It applies double 32-digit CPU military industry level mixed chip main-control system. It passes Top一Grade IEC61000 Electro-Magnetic Compatibility Test. It does not produce electro一magnetic interference to human body and precision medicare equipments. Meanwhile it strongly resists any interference. It ensures the stable running.