Escalator/Moving walk


It adheres to the persistently rigorous design ideas. Shandong FUJIZY escalator/moving walk regard safe quality as the existing foundation of the enterprise. It fully considers the passengers’ requirements in every detail. It provides the people with a more secure and harmonious travel environment.

Safety standard is custom-made for modern cities

It completely accords with global escalator safety standard EN115 requirements. It ensures safety by accurate control of micro一computer control system. World一wide protection units simulate neuron system of human beings. CAN communication technology connects the whole elevator into a high一speed network. It quickly senses health conditions of every part of the elevator. It predicts the trouble and protects the passengers’safety.


Bring more passenger flow

It attracts more and more passengers by beautiful design. It is backed with the perfect installation plan which merges with the building. It fully satisfies different requirements of the clients in large-size supermarket, shopping center, outdoor public traffic fields. It provides the customers with the more smooth passenger flow rate. It thus offers the better economical benefits.

Effective and reliable product quality

Multiple optional novel outlines, graceful design integrate with the building into one. High quality parts ensure high一end transport performance. These are design concepts of Shandong FUJIZY escalator and moving walk. We regard it as foundation to provide the passengers with the best travel experience.

It reduces additional cost

Shandong FUJIZY escalator and moving walk fully considers the market trend of future urban developments according to features of current building and environment. It is engaged in shortening design,manufacture, installation, repair and maintenance time. It fundamentally saves a great number of time and building cost for the clients. It reduces additional building cost in the aspect of flow.


ECO energy一saving system switch一over drive mode

Shandong FUJIZY escalator merges with advanced aesthetics design, leading and well一developed technology. It integrates aesthetics and practical properties into one. It features as safe, reliable, durable, comfortable, peaceful,distinctive outline. Multi一step leveling design in entry/exit effectively enhances the passengers’safety in entry/exit. It is your best choice in large passenger flow areas such as bus station, shopping center, airport etc.

ECO energy-saving system

ECO energy一saving system saves 30% of power consumption. When it tests light load of the escalator, MICONICF automatically converts drive power to ECO running mode.

Trouble display setting

It accurately shows the trouble position, enhances repair and maintenance efficiency. Soft green light momently reminds the passengers to safely enter into/exit from the escalator.

Stainless steel step, skirting, inner / outer cover plate

It appears deluxe, elegant and beautiful.Super-thin skirting reduces frictional problem between material and material deformation. It ensures low friction between step and skirting.


Shandong FUJIZY moving walk considers “safety first”. It applies fish一belly style short tread belt design with firm and compact overall structure. It effectively enhances the comfortable experience of the passengers. It satisfies safety requirements of effective transport for different places and passenger flows. Noble and popular outline design harmoniously combines with the environment. It meets the passengers’travel requirements. Furthermore, it accords with the style orientation of modern constructions.

Energy feedback device fulfills the energy regeneration

In full一load down一motion and light-load up一motion, it applies double一PWM variable voltage speed governor tech based upon vector control. It converts potential energy to electric energy. It adopts inverter technology that changes DC power to standard electric energy which accords with electric grid voltage through rectification. It feeds back to electric grid.It supplies power equipments of neighboring system. It fulfills energy regeneration. It thoroughly saves the energy. It reduces load of electric grid and harmonic pollution.