Goods Elevator


Shandong FUJIZY goods elevator is specially designed for goods delivery. It applies advanced micro-computer control system to ensure safe and reliable operation of goods elevator. Multiple opening mode design and maximum opening width are convenient for entry/exit of various goods. It elaborately chooses firm and durable car materials with high intensity. It can bear the transport of large goods.


Conform GB7588 standard

Shandong FUJIZY goods elevator has the perfect safety protection device. It completely accords with the requirements of GB7588 “The Elevator Manufacture&Safety Standards”.It ensures safe and reliable elevator operation.

vector VVVF frequency converter

Frequency converter is key index in judging the elevator tech. Shandong FUJIZY goods elevator applies vector controlled digital closed-loop VVVF frequency converter from Japan FUJIZY. It adjusts the current and phase according to actual load of the car, up/down speed. It implements accurate real-time control to the host rotating torque. It ensures smooth elevator running, transport safety of both the passengers and the goods.

Specially car and door

The car and car door of Shandong FUJIZY goods elevator are specially designed according to the goods transport functions. The car chooses plastic-jet steel plate or stainless steel plate. It can install collision-resistant guard rail.

Car frame and bottom design

In order to satisfy different requirements under various goods transport conditions, car frame and bottom of Shandong FUJIZY goods elevator have the advantages of large bearing capacity, fine rigidity, big bearing range. Its outstanding bearing capacity ensures the goods safety.