Car Elevator


Special display system

Special circuit control and display system is convenient for the drivers inside and outside the elevator car.

Safety guide

The car ground has safety guide. It ensures safety of both the elevator and the car.

Front / rear door opened

The elevator car has front and rear door一opening.It is more convenient for your beloved car to safely enter into/exit from the elevator car.

Dual control button box

The elevator car has two buttons in operation box. The driver can operate the elevator without stepping out of your beloved car.


Shandong FUJIZY car elevator applies the well-developed micro-computer signal control system and accurate WVF speed regulation control tech. It effectively avoids the shaking car due to unevenly encountered force. It has no running noise. It brings about the more comfortable travel and more accurate leveling. The broad; bright and unique car design, humane and considerate functional setting are more convenient in operating car elevator, more secure in entry/exit.