Adherence to each elevator safety hurdle

Shandong FUJIZY Safety Concept





Safety throughout the elevator cycle all aspects

Fully upgraded safety standards

Precision Manufacturing:

The core of the original selection of equipment and machinery imported from Japan, with Japan’s Fuji superb manufacturing technology, 10,325 parts, 103 steps, seamless sophisticated combination, from the source to ensure that every product is safe.

Superior technology:

Modern plant facilities, the use of cell production and flow-through operation, in strict accordance with the process, the formation of high-quality production system efficiency. Precise process, security Folks achievement.

Product testing:

319 inspection process, Cengcengbaguan, QC, security, Production and Technology Department, Marketing Department, the Department of Management fully cooperate, product qualification rate of 99%.

Filing system:

Shandong FUJIZY each elevator has a professional record registration, all life can be traced back, highly responsible is our consistent attitude.

Professional installation:

The company has an experienced, skilled installation team, regular skills training, be sure to update the knowledge elevator installation, quality assurance teams and professional degrees.

Factory inspection test:

Strict factory inspection debugging, runs 11 major items elevator installation inspection 34 lesser term, in the details to give you peace of mind protection.

Professional maintenance:

The company has a professional maintenance team, regular skills training; every year to conduct a comprehensive repair and maintenance of elevator, elevators including machine room, hoistway, pit 27 sites, comprising 13 escalators inspection process, the depth of inspection, did not miss any of the elevator blind; periodic replacement of aging components.


Opened 24-hour hotline telephone service, there are highly dedicated professional service staff to answer questions elevator, elevator emergency response, to ensure the timely resolution of the problem; 2 hours scene that we mean it.

IOT Services:

A series IOT, 24 hours real-time online monitoring elevator operation status, real-time information service elevator failure, maintenance more efficient.


Parts Manufacturing




inspection clearance


departments to fully cooperate

Elevator meet new security era 4.0

Shandong FUJIZY elevator, a comprehensive upgrade new security standards. We are you looking to see the place, always makes the human care; you can not see the place, the details of a consistent, safety in the end, to let you into the Shandong FUJIZY the moment, only the calm, relaxed, comfortable, without the slightest concerns.