Shandong FZJY Elevator Co., Ltd deeply committed to creat energy-saving elevator

18 Dec Shandong FZJY Elevator Co., Ltd deeply committed to creat energy-saving elevator

Elevator is one of the largest energy consuming equipment in high-rise buildings. According to the estimation of China Elevator Association,the average of China’s electricity consumption is about 40kWh per elevator one day,it is about 5% of the total building energy consumption per day.For this reason,the demand of energy-saving elevator market will gradually increase.

Through the elevator of a detailed analysis of energy consumption,Shandong FZJY Elevator Co., Ltd formulate a set of scientific and effective energy-saving programs with a variety of energy-saving options.

  • The latest generation of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine will make the elevator systerm change from the drive system to achieve energy efficiency goals,it can save about 35% energy;
  • The elevator car lighting accounts for about 40% of electricity consumption in the elevator after the LED lighting system,power consumption is only half of ordinary fluorescent lamps,eighth ordinary incandescent and LED lighting also has start fast, long life and other advantages.
  • Elevator energy feedback system make the energy of downstream or upstream into high purity electric energy for other electrical equipment.It reduce the burden of maintaining the grid normal room temperature to extend the life of the elevator.The energy consumption can also be reduced by more than 20%.

With the continuous development of elevator technology,the implementation of China’s energy conservation policy and our energy production accounts for elevator lift increasing proportion of total production,Shandong FZJY Elevator Co., Ltd always adhere to temporize and continuous innovation,and gradually launched a new proprietary energy-saving elevator with proprietary intellectual property rights.